David is a British writer currently residing in Bangkok. He writes about food, travel and culture for a wide range of UK magazines and newspapers as well as being the Food Editor for Bangkok 101. He is also a prolific travel journalist and is currently working on his first book of collected assignments.

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Recent Coverage

Inside, a stone pathway leads you away from the city hustle and through a glass door. The design is stark with only the essentials installed – think MUJI meets canteen minimalism.
— David J Constable on Mihara Tofuten Bangkok
The “toast” is a rich and buttery sandwich, small but plentiful, like a Swedish interpretation of the croque monsieur, except better and more artery-damaging. It’s a sort of nostalgic nod to the meals I’d make as a student when toast and cheese would feature heavily.
— David J Constable on Frantzén