David is a British writer currently residing in Bangkok. He writes about food, travel and culture for a wide range of UK magazines and newspapers as well as being the Food Editor for Bangkok 101. He is also a prolific travel journalist and is currently working on his first book of collected assignments.


David has been published in Condé Nast Traveller, TatlerThe Sunday Times, The Independent, Metro, PortFood and Travel, FoodismEscapism, Civilian Global, Waitrose Food and Jamie Oliver magazine, among others.

His travel writing regularly details his immersive experiences, during which he often travels alone, journeying through unfamiliar territory. Writing across a variety of subjects and countries, David has published stories on the rise of botox and cosmetic surgery in Beirut; interviewing the residents of Las Vegas and those inhabitants who call "Sin City" home; competed in sports against the indigenous tribes of Tahiti and French Polynesia; dived for pearls in Bora Bora; sailed against world-class opposition in La Route des Princes; cycled in the Tour de France; travelled along the Gambian River through Gambia and Senegal; taken on the skilled youths of Capoeira in Brazil and re-traced the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin in exploring Patagonia.