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Time is of the essence. Particularly when travelling. From morning wake-up calls to making check-in, without a watch I'd be lost at sea.

The Seiko Sea Prospex is a timepiece from one of the world's leading watch houses. Seiko has been known for precision, reliability and excellence since 1881 and this addition to their Prospex Collection makes for an excellent travel companion.

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Here is a timepiece crafted with the diver and traveller in mind, showing both local and home time simultaneously and running on light energy, so it never requires a battery change.

From Seiko's first diver's watch released in 1965, they have been exceeding expectations for divers with their innovative technology. I'm more a ducker-and-a-diver than any sort of sea-exploring diver, but still, I'm able to keep schedule, set alarms and cross time zones with the watch's world time functionality - covering 25 different time zones.

Crossing continents leaves you jaded and breathless, but I'm able, at least, to distinguish the time zone I'm in. Really then, there's no excuse for me to ever miss a deadline or a check-in again. Like Shakespeare said: "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late." I have time wrapped around my little finger. Well, my wrist in this case.

For now though, I'm perfectly happy to keep the city hand position set on LON (London). At least until the New Year and another adventure. The clock is ticking. Timing is everything.

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David J Constable