Joe, David and David, LCM SS16 Day One.

Joe, David and David, LCM SS16 Day One.

So that was four days or dashing about in the unusual and unexpected heat of London, attending shows, viewing showcases and interviewing models, photographers and writers, all of whom it's a bad idea to stand next to if you're not at least 6ft.

On Friday 12th I sat down with fashion blogger and the creator and founder of luxury shirt company Hawkins & Shepherd, Carl Thompson. We discussed the days ahead and how he prepares his wardrobe for four days of shows, catwalks and parties. He's a pristine dresser and we dissected his chosen cloth for the day, going through his choices and colour preferences and why he supports heritage tailoring and the Best of British. The final video edit is below.

I bumped into David Gandy again after seeing him last month at The Riding House Café (where he couldn't stay because they didn't except dogs in the restaurant, and he had Mollie's poodle Alfie in tow). Previous to that we'd met at January's Belstaff event for LCM AW15, where we talked about travel and the far-flung locations we'd visited, and those we plan to. David introduced me to Joe Ottaway, someone I hadn't met but have heard a lot about. 

Joe is a men's stylist and image consultant, and at 6ft-gazillion and always impeccably dressed, is papped just as much as the models and personalities he styles. And it was the first time I'd met and spoken with Oliver Cheshire too, a model at an equal height to myself (so why haven't I broken on to the scene?) and with a wit and humour as sharp as his acute angle cheekbones. 

I spoke to David and Joe about their suits for LCM day one and a little to David about the manufacturing of his new shoe business venture, David Preston, in the video below.