Tasmania Revisited

I've written something for Waitrose magazine about my time in Tasmania in November 2014 - revisiting it in words. And I miss it, The Apple Isle. That place at the foot of the map, dangling off the edge. Drinking sparkling wine with Stefano Lubiana, taking in the views from the summit of Mount Wellington and meeting knife maker John Hounslow-Robinson in his cabin in the woods. 

Here are a selection of photos from my time with John in his forge in Longley.

Beekeeping | Corfu

I've just returned from Corfu on assignment for Jamie Oliver's magazine. The three day trip didn't start well, with a delayed flight and the plane eventually being diverted to Brindisi; followed by a further two hours onboard, six hours in the terminal and a 3am coach ride to an overbooked hotel. Then, the scheduled 11:30am flight was moved to 12:30pm, then 2:30pm.

Anyway, I eventually arrived in Corfu to meet Simon Bajada, the photographer who'd been assigned to work with me and photograph the trip - the full feature is due to be published in August (TBC).

Below are some photos of Thanasis Kontostanos and his beehives.