Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Founded in 1830, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is dedicated to the development and promotion of geographical knowledge, together with its application to the challenges facing society and the environment.

Getty Images - The Official Press Event Of 'Invite The World To Dinner'

David Constable from the UK, Grant Heath and Mark Olive attend the Restaurant Australia Marketplace event at Macquarie Wharf on November 14, 2014 in Hobart, Australia. 86 international food and wine influencers were selected to enjoy some of the best Australian food and wine experiences, culminating in the Invite The World To Dinner Gala event at MONA in Hobart.

Tatler Bystander - Mr Fogg's Cointreau Noir Party

Mr Fogg's had to open an hour early to accommodate all the keen beans who turned up for the Cointreau Noir event during London Cocktail Week.

Georgian Wine News: Celebrating Georgian Food

David's article on the pairing of food and wine for Hvino News in Georgia, an online title celebrating wine news from the Republic of Georgia.

Writing on the road with David J Constable - A World to Travel

Part of the "On the Road" interview series, here's an interview with David in which he discusses writing, travelling and trying to juggle the two as a profession.

Dream Catcher 24 - Inpress Books

An extraordinary blend of national and international writing, this issue of Dream Catcher includes work by David.

Loughborough Alumni Magazine

A feature on David's participation in the Heiva i Tahiti games in 2013 and how he faired against the tough, indigenous competition.

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme - 4th May 2013

What became of the humble scotch egg? Food writer David J Constable gives his opinion and explains the history and naming of the meaty morsel.

Adonis Diaries addresses and dissects Boobs, Botox and the Babes of Beirut

The subject of Orientalism (with a surgical twist) is discussed, and pays reference to David's 2012 article on plastic surgery in Beirut.

Cracking: all you need to know about London’s scotch egg scene

Time Out asked David to list the best Scotch egg picks in the capital and explain why the retro savoury snack is held so dear to so many.

Steak in Ireland

From, a collection of works focussing on the steak and food production in Ireland and Northern Ireland, including reference to David's Huffington Post feature in 2012.