Coco the Spectacled Bear, Peru

This is Coco. He's an Andean bear, more commonly known as a Spectacled bear, South America’s only bear species.

Coco lives in the dense Andean jungle of Peru in Inkaterra Macchu Picchu Pueblo Hotel (a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World) where they house rescued bears and rehabilitate them so they can be released back into the wild.

There are, however, some bears who are too old and too habituated to be released, but for those who can, they enter the slow-release programme, which feeds and supports the bears, allowing them to thrive once returned to their natural habitat.

It was amazing to be able to see Coco up close. He's a dark and robust specimen with strong legs and heavy, slumped shoulders. For the jungle space available to him, he decides to use very little, and instead, sits in the dry dust chewing through bamboo leaves.

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